I am a PhD student at University of Edinburgh supervised by Jon Pridham and Clark Barwick. I am interested in algebraic geometry, arithmetic geometry and homotopy theory. Recently I've been looking at reconstruction problems around the Anabelian conjecture i.e. which try to reconstruct nice schemes from their étale homotopy type.

\begin{align}\mathcal{F}: \operatorname{Sch_{abs}} &\to \operatorname{(Top_\infty^{bc, adm})_{/(Spec\mathbb{Z})_{ét}}}\\X &\mapsto X_{ét} \end{align}


Affilliation University of Edinburgh
ORCID 0000-0001-6676-5661

\(\operatorname{Gal}\left(\mathbb{Q}_p[p^{\frac{1}{p^\infty}}]\right) \cong \operatorname{Gal}\left(\mathbb{F}_p(\!(t^{\frac{1}{p^\infty}})\!)\right)\)

Coding & Sport

Some of my past coding project, Linux hacks and other stuff I do in my free time are collected on the less mathy part of my website.


The documents here might occasionally get updated to fix typos. Lecture notes and seminar talks are on their own page.

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    The direct summand conjecture

    Master's project, UZH


Scientific publications outside of Mathematics.

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    Long-term reliability of the Figaro TGS 2600 solid-state methane sensor under low Arctic conditions at Toolik Lake, Alaska

    W. Eugster, J. Laundre, J. Eugster, G. W. Kling

    Atmospheric Measurement Techniques

    May 2020